Future of Divergent Series

Well who has read the three book series Divergent? Or even watched the the movies it has produced. Well I’m sure you are well aware of that the creators of the movie are wanting to finish the next movie via a tv movie according to an article from Moviepilot.com.

Click here for a link to the article.

And according to the article the main star of the movie series Shailene Woodley said she will not be in a television series.  For more information about this check out the article which is linked above.

I’m not surprised the series is taking this route. I have read the books all three of them. And they were good.  Of course it was very Hunger Gamesish dealing with a post apocalyptic futu re that young adults try to survive. But I believe the downfall of this movie series was due to the fact that it was seriouslychanged from the book.  And when you get to Allegiant it was completely different. 

Change isn’t bad, you kind of expect to see it in movie adaptations of books but that change was to me ridiculous. But what do yall think.


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