One Piece 855

So the latest chapter of One Piece was just released last night, chapter 855 (spoilers). Here we start off with the Straw Hat Crew Minx Alliance (Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Pedro) and Jinbe are in the mirror world trying to rescue Brook from Big Mom. And we see he literally is in a bad situation, poor Brook.

The challenges they go through to get him back is insane. But they manage to. When they get him back he casually mentions that, yea I did get rubbings of the poneglyphs. And presents them nonchalantly. 

And you won’t believe were he hid them.  Well if you’ve been keeping up with the manga and the anime and are a fan of One Piece I think you know were Brook has been holding them. The chapter also touches base with Sanji as frantically looks for Luffy and just when he starts to give up hope. Here hears the sounds of a familiar rumbling stomach.

Overall great read, hope you read. Let me know what you think of this chapter if you read.


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