Fairy Tail 521

Fairy Tail 521 was released today so spoilers ahead, and ehh its not a very hot issue like the 520. When Erza Scarlett‘s mother, as evil as that mother is still ended sacrificing her for her because she still loved her.

So we pick up were 520 left off and everything that Irene Belserion had switched in the Kingdom of Fiore has switched back to normal. So Fairy Tail continues to fight on and struggle to get back to the guild. Being that they are tired and weary. The 1st master has taken the lead.  

So what is noticiable is August of the Spriggan 12 is one of the main villans left next to Zeref. So August is literally the most strongest of the Spriggan 12 and so the question is who is able to fight this dude.  With all the members still nursing there wounds whose left.

Yes the one the only Gildarts. After all his power next to Makarov is one of the strongest in Fairy Tail wizards. So we can see this going to be a very epic fight between these 2. So we end the chapter with a character heading towards the guild were Zeref awaits. 

And even Zeref is surprised who it is. But is non other than Gray.

So this will be interseting to see. Especially seeing how banged up he is. Hope you enjoy this review. I’m looking forword to the next issue.


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