Ghost In the Shell?

So this morning I was on YouTube scanning through videos like I do. And I came across the Ghost in the Shell trailer once again. I’ve seen it a few times. But then I started to think back to the other anime turned live action movie. Yes the tragic film called Dragonball Evolution.
And that movie with the technological advances we’ve had in cinema, could of been 100 times more better. But they ruined it, by shoddy graphics and terrible explanations of the characters and storyline and uuugghhh! No I won’t get into this right now. As you can tell though Dragonball is one of my favorite anime and manga franchises and literally my gateway into the world of anime but let me focus.

So Ghost in the Shell is seriously one of the most intense and thought provoking animes I’ve seen at that time when a friend of mines was recommending different anime shows and movies to watch and that was at the top of his list. So when I saw it, I was amazed. It was really great, I loved the characters the development of the story and the series was great. Along with the government corruption  and the fact the show kept you on your toes with the different criminals Section 9 stopped. Like Laughing Man the Puppet Master and Individual 11. I loved it.

So with all this in mind, after watching the trailer yet again. I wondered just how will this play out in a live action movie. They do have a lot of scenes in the trailer that resemble the anime. (Click here for an article by showing the movie to anime comparisons.) 

Even the characters look really close to the character designs from the original movie. But what about the actually movie itself.

Well in my honest opinion, and again it’s just my opinion I believe they will change the story line up. How I reached that conclusion, it was a line that Scarlett Johansson was told. As Major Kusanagi was told that her life was stolen from her. And one thing I remembered is that it wasn’t, she knew exactly what was done to her. So that’s what sent my mind thinking. I went looking to see if anyone else felt the same way. I found an article on that went into detail about not just that part that I was thinking about. (Click here for article)
But it went even deeper about the changes that more than likely were done to westernize the movie.

Now will I be seeing this? More than likely, yes. I have to, I need to do a visual comparison. So what I have to do is go in and view it as completely different telling of Ghost in the Shell. Look at it as whe new movie. So I’m not going to say it’s going to be terrible without seeing it first. But I am on edge that will change it up to much. I will be watching the original before I go and watch this new version.

This is just my opinion so how do feel about the movie. Sorry if it just feels like a rant, but to put it out.


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