One Piece 856

Good morning one and all. Hope all has a great a day. The next chapter of One Piece was dropped yesterday or this morning. I don’t really know, but it is a good read. Spoilers ahead!

We start off in the mirror world were Nami, Chopper, Carrot, and Jinbei or looking for Sanji and Luffy. They are desperate to find them. Nami let’s them know if none of the mirrors can find them, then they must be were Luffy said he would be outside waiting for Sanji. Jinbei exclaims to hurry and find them, and let’s them know of the events soon to happen.

Meanwhile the Vinsmoke men are drinking themselves into a stooper. They are so happy to have Sanji marry into the family, thus increasing their own power. And they are so blind to the impending doom before them at the wedding. They even give a cheer to Sanji even though it was very backhanded as still continue to call him a failure. 

All the while Big Moms family is making sure that the Vinsmoke family does not communicate with anyone. So that everything will go smoothly tomorrow at the wedding slash massacre. Little do they know Sanji already knows and he reminded his sister Raiju about it as well. Plus Luffy and Nami know too.

On the outside of the walls of  Big Moms place we see Sanji continue his search for Luffy. As he finds him, he sees that Luffy has withered into a prune from starvation. See Luffy said he would not eat anything unless it was cooked by Sanji himself. Luffy is awoken by the smell of Sanji’s cooking.

And Luffy goes to work on the food Sanji has brought for him.  Exclaiming how delicious it is. He doesn’t even care that it was wet from tne rain and disheveled from hi  dropping it. Luffy is just happy to be eating Sanjis cooking again. Sanji calls him a liar.

After Luffy finishes eating, Sanji asks him to leave. Telling about whats about to go down, and it doesn’t involve him. He gives him 3 reasons why to leave. And the main reason being that he fought his captain a d isn’t worthy of sailing with them anymore. And Luffy responds, only how Luffy can respond.

He punches Sanji in the face and demands he tells him truth about what he really wants. Sanji then cries out I want to sail with my family on sunny again. This scene is so reminds me of when Nico Robin was dealing with CP9 and they had to retieve her. Luffy had Robin say what she really wanted to do and she yells out i want to live.

So we end the chapter with Luffy saying we got yo back, let’s go ruin this wedding.  Can’t wait to see how this is going to play out. Especially knowing at the the time it was just suppose to be a rescue mission, and they were going to try and avoid a fight with Big Mom, but looks like they are going to have to fight that woman. Let me know what yall think. Hope you enjoyed, see you next time.


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