Fairy Tail 522 & 523

Newest Fairy Tail’s dropped yesterday and they are both pretty good. Let’s get to it.  Spoilers Ahead 

So we start of with Grey meeting with Zeref in the guild’s hall and Zeref is already starting to taunt Grey. But Grey is still trying to figure out why Zeref wants Mavis’ power.

But he reveals his true end game. It’s not just to attain Mavis’ power to defeat Acnologia but also he hints at he wants to destroy the entire continent of Fiore. Meanwhile at the remains of the Church. The Spriggan 12’s August and Fairy Tails very own S Class beast Gildarts are fighting it out. And just when you think Gildarts has the upper hand and finish this battle.

He comes back and let’s Gildarts know that he is not strong enough to defeat him.  And starts his assault. But Gildarts has some assistance coming.

Yes Gildarts daughter Cana has come to his aid. But he wants her to leave because this’ll be one of the toughest fights of her life. Meanwhile back at the guild Grey and Zeref continue to talk. Zeref points out to Grey that if he kills him he kills Natsu. But Grey reveals he has an ace up his sleeve. And he won’t even have to kill him to beat him. 

Yes Iced Shell the move that his Master Ur used to defeat one of Zerefs demon and the same move that took her life. This is Grey’s ace in the hole. 

In 523 Grey is building up the Iced Shell. And puts fear into Zerefs face. Zeref even tells him you’ll die if you do this and I’ll eventually thaw out. But Grey is at peace knowing that Fiore will a few years of peace without worrying about Zeref.

As Grey starts to remember his master Ur he hears her yelling at him to stop. You’ll die if you complete this. He goes on thinking it’s just his imagination. But in reality its the one the only. . .

NATSU!!!! Yes the voice he was hearing wasnt that of Ur but of Natsu running up to him telling to stop this. After all Natsu stopped him before from using it and begged him to never use it again. The last thing Natsu wants is his friend to die like this.

And again he even begs him to live. He lets Grey know that he is fired up. Zeref tells Natsu that whoever kills who Natsu will die. And Natsu Exclaims I’m not dying. 

Meanwhile on the other battlfield an end game has shown up. And even August looks scared.  Yes Acnologia has arrived on the battlefield.

What does this mean for the story thus far. Will the fight between Natsu and Zeref even happen. Will Gildarts, Cana, and August have to team up to defeat the world’s biggest villian. Or will Natsu go and fight him since Acnologia since he did kill Natsu’s father Igneel.  Next issue is gonna good.


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