Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

 I remember when they made the announcement of Power Rangers is going to be redone for the big screen.  At first I said dear god no. I thought they were going to be doing these recent Power Rangers shows. Which I’m still amazed that this series is still going on. 

I mean the original show as cheesy as it was. But if you grew up in the 90’s, when that show came out it was sick. And I watched every day after school. Kept up with the original series, even when their zords took new forms. And when the original movie was released man it was sick. But then after that it went turbo the neo and whatever else it got ridicules 
So how will the new movie stock up to the original. Well just from seeing the trailer, it looks good. And I’m will be checking out when it is released March 24th of this year. The suits look sick. The Zords look phenomenal, and Bryan Cranston as Zordon should be interesting to see.

And Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, she makes Rita look sexy in the new green cat suit. And from just the trailer alone you can see this Rita is a lot darker that the original. Which I believe this Power Rangers movie won’t be the cheesy Power Rangers of old.  

I believe this movie will be one that true fans of the original Power Rangers will truly love.  It seems to have a darker twist, and a better origin story. 

I mean even Goldar has gotten a grittier look Look at some of these side by side comparisons of the original show with the new movie

Old Goldar top New Goldar Bottom

Old Alpha top New Alpha bottom

Another question is will we be getting a post credit scene.  A post credit scene would be an awesome way to introduce the Green Ranger aka Tommy Oliver. One things I wish is that Jason David Frank the original Green Ranger turned White Ranger had a small role in the movie. But then again, the movie isn’t out who’s not to say he doesn’t have a cameo. Even though the producer said he doesn’t, but I like to think so. 

Check out Trailer

Well these are just my thoughts on this upcoming Power Rangers movie. What do you guys think. Take care yall.


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