New Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer?

Well unfortunately it os not an official trailer. But when you watch it gives you all the same chills and emotions as if the real trailer was just dropped.  

First I have to say this by far os one of the best fan made trailers I’ve seen in a long time. Like i said it hits all the feels. And it once again opens up discussion on who will be the last jedi. Will it be Rey or is there another one out there in hiding waiting to rise up.  

This trailer shows a clip of what seems to be Reys training with Luke Skywalker. But it to could be a fan made clip. And the voice you hear throughout is that of Supreme Leader Snoake. And he is basically berating Kylo Ren. 

So check out the clip let me know what yall think about this. I linked the clip right below. Enjoy. 


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