Thor Ragnarok Trailer

It is here. Our first official look at Thor Ragnarok. The Official Trailer was released earlier today. Click link below to check it out.

It looks great.  So many questions. As in who is this chick that not only catches Thors hammer, but she also blows it up. How sick is that. Also the end we see the guy we have been waiting for. The myth, the legend, the Incredible Hulk. He is the challenger who Thor has to face in Gamemasters ring. What makes it so hilarious is that Thor thinks they are cool. But obviously they are not.

So I’m going to assume, which I hate to do. But I am assuming that with Hulk here this is the events of Planet Hulk. Which take place after the Illuminati have decided to basically send Hulk away from Earth because he is to much of a liability. Click here to read about Marvel’s Illuminati. So naturally Hulk is pissed at everyone. And these events lead us to world war Hulk, which Hulk wreaks havoc on all the Marvel characters for what they’ve done to him.

Now does this mean that we will get a stand alone World War Hulk movie? Hopefully, if Universal and Marvel can make a deal. So these are just my opinions, what do yall think. Hope you guys are ready for this to be released in November.  Enjoy! 


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