Pacific Rim 2?

So it seems that when we thought that we wouldn’t get a 2nd one.  A 2nd one is in the making. Pacific Rim 2 is in production. And they even have a title for it. PACIFIC RIM 2: UPRISING

The New Logo

I found this article while scrolling through my Facebook. I’ll leave a link here to it.  Its provided by my friends at  But it goes into detail about the new cast, whose directing, producing and who may or may not be returning. 

I will leave you with this, we will have two newcomers to the cast. One will be John Boyega of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens and soon to be Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi. It is said that he will be playing Stacker Pentecost’s (Idris Elba) son.  And there will be a new female lead in 18 year old pop starlet Cailee Spaeny. (I honestly have no idea who she is) But here’s hoping she’s a good addition to the cast.

Still John Boyega tweeted out

So read the article to find out all the details on the latest Pacific Rim. And see when it’s projected release date will be. I’m kind of excited for it. What I liked about Pacific Rim it took the Mecha’s that I love in anime and brought it to reality.  Enjoy!