Fairy Tail 522 & 523

Newest Fairy Tail’s dropped yesterday and they are both pretty good. Let’s get to it.  Spoilers Ahead 

So we start of with Grey meeting with Zeref in the guild’s hall and Zeref is already starting to taunt Grey. But Grey is still trying to figure out why Zeref wants Mavis’ power.

But he reveals his true end game. It’s not just to attain Mavis’ power to defeat Acnologia but also he hints at he wants to destroy the entire continent of Fiore. Meanwhile at the remains of the Church. The Spriggan 12’s August and Fairy Tails very own S Class beast Gildarts are fighting it out. And just when you think Gildarts has the upper hand and finish this battle.

He comes back and let’s Gildarts know that he is not strong enough to defeat him.  And starts his assault. But Gildarts has some assistance coming.

Yes Gildarts daughter Cana has come to his aid. But he wants her to leave because this’ll be one of the toughest fights of her life. Meanwhile back at the guild Grey and Zeref continue to talk. Zeref points out to Grey that if he kills him he kills Natsu. But Grey reveals he has an ace up his sleeve. And he won’t even have to kill him to beat him. 

Yes Iced Shell the move that his Master Ur used to defeat one of Zerefs demon and the same move that took her life. This is Grey’s ace in the hole. 

In 523 Grey is building up the Iced Shell. And puts fear into Zerefs face. Zeref even tells him you’ll die if you do this and I’ll eventually thaw out. But Grey is at peace knowing that Fiore will a few years of peace without worrying about Zeref.

As Grey starts to remember his master Ur he hears her yelling at him to stop. You’ll die if you complete this. He goes on thinking it’s just his imagination. But in reality its the one the only. . .

NATSU!!!! Yes the voice he was hearing wasnt that of Ur but of Natsu running up to him telling to stop this. After all Natsu stopped him before from using it and begged him to never use it again. The last thing Natsu wants is his friend to die like this.

And again he even begs him to live. He lets Grey know that he is fired up. Zeref tells Natsu that whoever kills who Natsu will die. And Natsu Exclaims I’m not dying. 

Meanwhile on the other battlfield an end game has shown up. And even August looks scared.  Yes Acnologia has arrived on the battlefield.

What does this mean for the story thus far. Will the fight between Natsu and Zeref even happen. Will Gildarts, Cana, and August have to team up to defeat the world’s biggest villian. Or will Natsu go and fight him since Acnologia since he did kill Natsu’s father Igneel.  Next issue is gonna good.


One Piece 856

Good morning one and all. Hope all has a great a day. The next chapter of One Piece was dropped yesterday or this morning. I don’t really know, but it is a good read. Spoilers ahead!

We start off in the mirror world were Nami, Chopper, Carrot, and Jinbei or looking for Sanji and Luffy. They are desperate to find them. Nami let’s them know if none of the mirrors can find them, then they must be were Luffy said he would be outside waiting for Sanji. Jinbei exclaims to hurry and find them, and let’s them know of the events soon to happen.

Meanwhile the Vinsmoke men are drinking themselves into a stooper. They are so happy to have Sanji marry into the family, thus increasing their own power. And they are so blind to the impending doom before them at the wedding. They even give a cheer to Sanji even though it was very backhanded as still continue to call him a failure. 

All the while Big Moms family is making sure that the Vinsmoke family does not communicate with anyone. So that everything will go smoothly tomorrow at the wedding slash massacre. Little do they know Sanji already knows and he reminded his sister Raiju about it as well. Plus Luffy and Nami know too.

On the outside of the walls of  Big Moms place we see Sanji continue his search for Luffy. As he finds him, he sees that Luffy has withered into a prune from starvation. See Luffy said he would not eat anything unless it was cooked by Sanji himself. Luffy is awoken by the smell of Sanji’s cooking.

And Luffy goes to work on the food Sanji has brought for him.  Exclaiming how delicious it is. He doesn’t even care that it was wet from tne rain and disheveled from hi  dropping it. Luffy is just happy to be eating Sanjis cooking again. Sanji calls him a liar.

After Luffy finishes eating, Sanji asks him to leave. Telling about whats about to go down, and it doesn’t involve him. He gives him 3 reasons why to leave. And the main reason being that he fought his captain a d isn’t worthy of sailing with them anymore. And Luffy responds, only how Luffy can respond.

He punches Sanji in the face and demands he tells him truth about what he really wants. Sanji then cries out I want to sail with my family on sunny again. This scene is so reminds me of when Nico Robin was dealing with CP9 and they had to retieve her. Luffy had Robin say what she really wanted to do and she yells out i want to live.

So we end the chapter with Luffy saying we got yo back, let’s go ruin this wedding.  Can’t wait to see how this is going to play out. Especially knowing at the the time it was just suppose to be a rescue mission, and they were going to try and avoid a fight with Big Mom, but looks like they are going to have to fight that woman. Let me know what yall think. Hope you enjoyed, see you next time.

One Piece 855

So the latest chapter of One Piece was just released last night, chapter 855 (spoilers). Here we start off with the Straw Hat Crew Minx Alliance (Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Pedro) and Jinbe are in the mirror world trying to rescue Brook from Big Mom. And we see he literally is in a bad situation, poor Brook.

The challenges they go through to get him back is insane. But they manage to. When they get him back he casually mentions that, yea I did get rubbings of the poneglyphs. And presents them nonchalantly. 

And you won’t believe were he hid them.  Well if you’ve been keeping up with the manga and the anime and are a fan of One Piece I think you know were Brook has been holding them. The chapter also touches base with Sanji as frantically looks for Luffy and just when he starts to give up hope. Here hears the sounds of a familiar rumbling stomach.

Overall great read, hope you read. Let me know what you think of this chapter if you read.

Review of Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game

Heads up before I begin, this is the manga not the movie coming out in march.  I was able to get my hands on a copy of it from a friend of mines and so I read it within one sitting.  Its eight chapters long, and each chapter is about 50 pages long.  So you could see how I could make a quick read of it.  Also there will be spoilers. So if you haven’t read it heres your disclaimer. But it is awesome.

So it starts off with the coming of a streetball group called the Jabberwock from  America.  They are on a world tour showing off their skills to different countries and their next or last stop is Japan.  From the look of them you can tell they are a rude and unruly bunch of teens.  So the team they destroy in a streetball game is called Strky. By destroy I mean down right embarrassed.  And the team isn’t scrubs, they are the retired 3rd years from the schools that made it to the winter cup. So this is bad.

They interview the Point Guard of the Jabberwockz.  He basically calls Japan a bunch of monkeys that don’t deserve to play basketball, and they should kill themselves.  See rude and disrespectful of them.  This puts not the just team Strky in a rut but the entire country.

This causes Riko’s father to call them out.  Kagetora Aida called the Jabberwock’s out. He told them to give them a week and they will play again and win.  And of course the Jabberwock took the bait.

Thus Riko and her father got to work on assembling the Ultimate team to take them on and defend their right to play basketball. Enter the Generation of Miracles plus Kagami Taiga. 

The Generation of Miracles plus Kagami Taiga

And they are all the more riled up to take them on.  They train for the week, review the recon that was provided by Momoi Satsuki. Here comes the big game. Vorpal Swords is ready to attack. The team starts off strong.  It even looks as if they could even beat the Jabberwock but the second half roles around and the Jabberwock turn it up big time. But when you have two team members that can enter the zone like they do. You can tell the outcome.

With the combined efforts of the Vorpal Swords they take on Jabberwock and defeat them. This was great story and fight.  And I can’t wait to see this played out in the movie.  But a question arises, where does the NBA fit in to this? Well I believe that the NBA is there at the game. Either that or they are in their offices watching the live stream of the game.  And thus seeing a Japanese team have the skill to challenge an American streetball team with skills comparable to the professionals of the NBA. They want them, and begin to take an interest in Japan for players of their caliber. But that is just my suggestion. What do you think.

New Kuroko no Basuke Movie

So announced today there is going to be a new Kuroko no Baske movie. Which I am extremly excited about. For those not familiar with the anime or the manga. Kuroko no Baske is about a first year high school student Kuroko Tetsuya who is longing to play basketball with a team that plays like a team.  It talks about his past in middle school playing for Teiko and with the Generation of Miracles. They all went to different high schools and eventually meet back on the court as rivals now.  But Tetsuya has one advantage.  A new first year from America has also joined Seirin high, Taiga Kagami. And his power rivals that of the ones from the Generation of Miracles

The anime is awesome.  This movie though is based the manga that came after the original manga. Kuroko no Baske Extra Game.  I’m currently reading this one.  The Generation of Miracles and Taiga Kagami have teamed up to play against a top American streetball team.  When I finish I’ll give my review.  

But one of the collest things is that Kuroko no Baske creator’s are teaming up with the NBA.  To read the full article click here to see it on the Crunchyroll News website. There is also a trailer.  Release is slated for March 18th, 2017.  Can’t wait, what do you think.